Cygilant Vulnerability Management

Detect. Prioritize. Remediate.

Managed Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability Management quickly detects vulnerabilities from software flaws or misconfigurations. Cygilant provides or manages your scanning technology, prioritizes vulnerabilities and helps with remediation.

Cybersecurity Advisors

Dedicated experts work one-on-one with you as an extension of your team to identify and meet your security goals.

24×7 SOC Team

We operate global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with four tiers of humans from level 1s to 4s working around the clock.

SOCVue Platform

SOCVue simplifies and consolidates multiple streams of security data to help detect and respond to threats faster and effortlessly collaborate.

Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability Management Benefits

Scale your IT security team with Cygilant to get the bandwidth and resources needed to regularly scan and analyze vulnerabilities.

Improved security posture

Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, visibility into security events, real-time incident notification and guidance to quickly address security issues.

Dedicated cybersecurity experts

We do the time-consuming incident investigation and analysis for you and monitor your systems outside of business hours for round the clock coverage. You get time back.

Save money

Cygilant is the most affordable cybersecurity-as-a-service for all sized organizations.

Consolidated reporting

Daily and monthly security and compliance reports across your systems.

How Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability Management Works

Cygilant Vulnerability Management includes the people, process and technology to be secure and compliant. Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability Management integrates with Cygilant Security Monitoring and Cygilant Patch Management. You can meet multiple security and compliance controls in a flexible platform.

  1. Vulnerability detection – Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability Management implements security best practices for detecting and remediating system vulnerabilities as recommended by SANS and other industry experts. Unlike traditional vulnerability assessment tools, Cygilant installs, configures and manages your scanning technology.
  2. Vulnerability scanning & targeted scans – Cygilant partners with the leading vulnerability scanning technologies to ensure that scans are comprehensive, and that the vulnerability database is up-to-date with the latest security threats. New or modified systems are scanned for vulnerabilities.
  3. The Cygilant SOC team delivers detailed vulnerability risk information to meet your security and compliance requirements, along with guidance for prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities. You’ll receive monthly security reports, scheduled event reports on a daily or weekly basis, automated compliance reports for common regulatory frameworks, and custom reports as needed.

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