Managed Security Monitoring

The SOCVue+ platform supports 24x7x365 monitoring and a single pane of glass view into your security posture.

Why Businesses Need Security Monitoring

Just because your team clocks out at 5pm doesn’t mean criminals do. Businesses need someone watching for threats and incidents 24x7x365. Still, it is increasingly difficult to identify, analyze, and respond manually to critical incidents amid an overload of logs and alerts.

Our Managed Security Monitoring solves that challenge.

Machine learning is paired with our best-of-breed partners in security information event management (SIEM) and vulnerability management in the SOCVue+ platform, where the multiple data feeds are collected from across on-premises and cloud environments – and consolidated. The platform’s automated tools and intuitive interface give our SOC analysts visibility into the activity in your network, enabling them to monitor, investigate, and triage suspicious threats and alerts quickly – and provide you with rapid, actionable recommendations.

Cygilant Security Monitoring capabilities include asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, endpoint detection and response, behavioral monitoring, and SIEM log management. Our ongoing processes for the maintenance, monitoring, and analysis of audit logs are aligned with recommendations set by SANS/CIS Critical Security Controls.

What you get with Cygilant Security Monitoring:

24×7×365 SOC Team

We operate global 24x7x365 Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with four tiers of expertise from levels 1 to 4.

Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs)

Our dedicated experts work one-on-one with you as an extension of your team to identify and meet your security goals. 

SOCVue+ Platform

SOCVue+, powered by the Siemplify SOAR platform, provides the tools and intuitive interface that SOC analysts need to monitor and analyze the activity in your network. SOCVue+ enables SOC analysts to collaborate, group cases, and detect and respond faster to alerts and suspicious activity across your environment.

The Benefits of Security Monitoring

Improved security posture

Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, SOCVue+ enabled visibility into security events, real-time incident notification, and guidance enable you to address security issues – and improve your security posture – quickly.

Dedicated cybersecurity experts

A team of dedicated SOC experts focus on monitoring your systems around-the-clock, performing incident investigation and analysis – while you focus on your business.

Scalable and Flexible

With our cybersecurity-as-a-service fixed-price model, Cygilant makes enterprise-level, 24x7x365 security monitoring accessible and scalable for organizations of all sizes.

Consolidated reporting

SOCVue+ supports automated and customizable daily and monthly security and compliance reports that summarize security events and metrics across your systems.

How Cygilant SOCVue Security Monitoring Works

Combining log management and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology with machine learning, Cygilant helps you to proactively eliminate threats and meet compliance objectives. Cygilant saves you time spent digging through the noise of thousands of events, or analyzing raw log files, to determine what is happening in the network.

  1. Cygilant collects, stores, and analyzes security event data from across the IT infrastructure to detect threats in the cloud or on-premises. The team develops a set of correlation rules to trigger alerts for suspicious activity or security violations. Rules are regularly fine-tuned and policies updated.
  2. The Cygilant SOC guides you through incident response from detection to resolution.
  3. Logs are analyzed and security and compliance postures are reported daily, weekly and monthly. Cygilant implements a process for the maintenance, monitoring and analysis of audit logs as recommended by SANS/CIS Critical Security Controls.

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