Cygilant Vulnerability Management Service

SOC 2 Type I Certified Service Provider

Reduce Attack Surface with Unlimited Scans, Risk Prioritization, and Remediation Guidance


The Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report shows that new and old vulnerabilities alike are being exploited daily. While being aware of and fixing top 10 vulnerabilities is a solid first step in reducing the attack surface, one should not forget that the other vulnerabilities are actively exploited in the wild. So long as the exploits exist, attackers continue to automate weaponized vulnerabilities and spray and pray them across the internet, sometimes yielding incredible success.

In the connected digital world with increasing number of cloud enabled applications, mobile devices, and dynamic virtualized environments, every organization needs a well-defined vulnerability management process to detect and fix both old and new vulnerabilities before they are exploited by the adversaries. Running a scan of an organization’s IT infrastructure will reveal thousands of potential vulnerabilities at any given point in time. Reading hundreds (100s) of pages of reports to figure out which vulnerabilities pose the most risk to your organization and where to focus your limited resources is time consuming and overwhelming for an IT team.

Vulnerability Management helps you identify potential weak links (or holes) that can be exploited by the attacker. Vulnerability Management should include regular scans of your IT infrastructure to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities based on business risk, followed by remediation of exploitable high-risk vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities with known exploits.

Benefits of SOCVue Vulnerability Management

SOCVue Vulnerability Management service helps reduce your attack surface by proactively identifying vulnerabilities across your IT environment, prioritizing them based on business impact and risk, and providing remediation guidance -- saving you valuable time and reducing operational costs. The service includes leading vulnerability assessment technology from Qualys® that’s tightly integrated with Cygilant’s SOCVue cloud platform and is fully managed by Cygilant’s global SOC security analysts.

Reduction in Vulnerabilities
  • Protect Critical Assets

    Protect Critical Assets

    • Safeguard customer data, PII, and PHI data, and intellectual property from cyber attacks
  • Saves You Time

    Saves You Time

    • Continuous and periodic vulnerability detection and remediation guidance
    • Prioritization based on business risk, CVE and exploitability
  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    • Global SOC teams deliver 24x7 coverage
  • Lower Your Costs

    Saves You Money

    • No need to invest in costly hardware and or dedicated resources
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    • Comply with PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST and others

SOCVue Vulnerability Management Capabilities

SOCVue Vulnerability Management Capabilities Dashboard
  • Qualys Vulnerability Management SAAS

    Vulnerability Management Software as a Service (SaaS)

    • Scalable cloud deployment
    • Deployed and managed by Cygilant global SOC teams
  • Scheduling and Analysis of Vulnerability Scans

    Scheduling and analysis of vulnerability scans

    • Scans by IP address, asset group or asset tag
    • Manual, scheduled, or continuous scanning
    • Unlimited internal and external scans
  • Reporting and Scorecards

    Dashboard and Reports

    • Meet internal and regulatory mandates
  • Incidence Response Forensics Analysis and Remediation Guidance

    Workflow to Remediate and Fix Vulnerabilities

    • Automatically generate and assign remediation tickets
  • Prioritization of Vulnerabilities Based on Risk Scores

    Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on Risk Scores

    • Prioritize by business risk, exploitability and asset value
    • Track vulnerabilities over time
  • Less Mature Security

    Executive and Security Scorecards

    • Obtain historical trends and patterns
    • Measure how well you are performing against your goals and objectives
  • PCI Approved Scanning Vendor

    PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

How SOCVue Vulnerability Management Works

SOCVue Vulnerability Management

With Cygilant SOCVue Vulnerability management, you don’t need to worry about a dedicated team to deploy a vulnerability scanning technology, operate it, and spend 100s of hours combing through 100s of pages of reports trying to make sense of 1,000s of vulnerabilities.

Cygilant partnered with best of breed vulnerability scanning technology from Qualys. Our team of Global SOC analysts will install the Qualys scanner, conduct regular scans, and leverage the SOCVue platform to automate and prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk to your organization. Cygilant GSOC security analysts work with your team 24x7 to address potential incidents, fix vulnerabilities, patch systems and provide guidance in plugging potential weak links. Built in work flow provides your team with an auditable incident response and remediation process. Daily security and compliance reports are accessible via the SOCVue portal. Monthly executive and security scorecards deliver a clear and concise picture of your organization’s security and compliance posture.

Acting as an extension to your IT team, Cygilant’s goal is to free you of laborious time-consuming tasks and deliver continuous security intelligence. We empower lean IT and security teams to leverage their scarce resources and improve their effectiveness and to speed their time to response, all at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

How SOCVue Vulnerability Management Compares

Features SOCVue Managed Security Services * Manage Your Own VA Scanner **
Asset Discovery & Inventory
Standard Prioritization (CVSS)
Compliance Reports
Managed Configuration & Scanning
Unlimited Scans
Tailored Prioritization (Business Risk)
Proactive Security Reviews
Dedicated Security Advisor
Dedicated Security Advisor SOCVue Managed Security Services * Manage Your Own VA Scanner **
Reduce burden on in-house personnel
Targeted reduction of business risk
Lowest total cost per scan

* Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading MSSP
** Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading Vulnerability Assessment vendor

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities with SOCVue VPM

We invite you to join Cygilant Solutions Engineer, Miguel De Los Santos, and Qualys Director of Strategic Alliances, Karun Malik, to learn more about this exciting solution.

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