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24x7 Threat Detection, Incident Response and Remediation Guidance


SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Log Management are critical components of a ‘defense in depth’ approach to information security. SIEM collects and correlates log and event data from security technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, endpoint management, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware and others along with data from servers and applications deployed on premises, in virtualized data centers or hosted in the cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure or other platforms. SIEM provides an elegant mechanism to review log data (to meet compliance mandates) and intelligently correlate information from disparate systems to generate a fuller picture of the organization's true security posture. While individual devices or point products may provide bits and pieces of information, SIEM helps identify security risks that individual products miss.

Many security conscious organizations purchase a SIEM and struggle to get value out of their investments due to challenges with lack of internal resources, time and expertise required to deploy and manage SIEM and Log Management technology. SIEM is a complex technology that requires constant tuning of correlation policies to adapt to dynamic IT computing environment and threat landscape. SIEM requires a dedicated staff of full-time security professionals to manage and analyze alerts to protect against adversaries who are working 24x7 to compromise your IT assets and steal valuable data. Unfortunately, there is a significant shortage of security professionals in the industry making it difficult for most organizations to hire and retain security professionals for 24x7 security operations. Lean IT teams are challenged to do more with less.

Benefits of SOCVue Security Monitoring

SOCVue Security Monitoring gives you 24x7 visibility and control over your IT environment without the need to invest in hardware and large dedicated Security team. SOCVue combines people, process, and technology to deliver continuous security intelligence. Cygilant Global SOC Analysts will actively manage log management and SIEM deployment, engineer and deploy security content, and fine tune correlation policies to detect suspicious and anomalies activity. Our experts conduct forensic and root cause analysis and provide timely remediation guidance to mitigate risks to your business while meeting compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, NERC CIP and others. You no longer need to dig through thousands of alerts or review raw log files.

  • Protect Critical Assets

    Protect Critical Assets

    • Safeguard customer data, PII, and PHI data, and intellectual property from cyber attacks
  • Saves You Time

    Saves You Time

    • Advanced threat detection and remediation guidance
    • 24x7 incident response by global SOC analysts
  • Lower Your Costs

    Saves You Money

    • No need to invest in costly hardware and or dedicated resources
    • Affordable subscription based SOCVue delivers best ROI
  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    • Global SOC teams deliver around the clock monitoring
    • Security content engineering, and continuous management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    • Comply with PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, NIST and others
  • SOC2 Complaint

    SOC2 Complaint

    • Cygilant is SOC2 compliant

SOCVue Security Monitoring Capabilities

SOCVue Security Monitoring Capabilities Dashboard
  • Incidence Response Forensics Analysis and Remediation Guidance

    Incidence Response, Forensics Analysis and Remediation Guidance

    • Investigative analysis
    • Remediation guidance to mitigate risk
  • 24x7x365 Global SOCs

    24x7x365 Global SOCs

    • Around the clock monitoring by trained security professionals
    • 1:1 consultation for continuous improvements
  • Flexible Deployment and Management

    Managed SIEM and log management

    • Cloud-based and on-premises deployment options
    • Security content engineering and alert tuning
  • Advanced Threat Detection

    Advanced Threat Detection

    • Correlate logs, flow, vulnerability and threat intelligence data
    • Detect anomalies and potential threats in real time
    • Contextual and behavioral analysis to detect zero-day threats
  • User Activity Monitoring

    User Activity Monitoring

    • Monitor for unauthorized access to critical systems
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    Compliance Reporting

    • Meet federal, state and industry regulations
    • PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, COBIT, ISO 27001/2. NIST and others
  • Reporting and Scorecards

    Reporting & Scorecards

    • Daily security and compliance report
    • Monthly executive and security scorecards
  • Data Archival

    Data Archiving

    • Collect and archive logs from Windows, Unix & Linux systems, firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTM, End Point management, and applications

How SOCVue Security Monitoring Works

SOCVue Security Monitoring

Cygilant SOCVue platform collects all relevant security and compliance information through integration with fully managed and/or co-managed security technologies such as Cygilant SIEM & Log Management, Splunk ES, Qualys, Rapid7, Tenable, and Cygilant Patch Management. Leveraging machine learning and the latest big data technologies, SOCVue automatically normalizes, correlates and enriches this data with contextual threat intelligence to detect anomalies, patterns, and suspicious behaviors.

Our Managed Detection and Response services team of GSOC analysts leverage the SOCVue platform 24x7x365 to quickly analyze and find the root cause of a security incident and provide timely remediation guidance. SOCVue’s Security orchestration and analytics engines provide tools necessary for GSOC analysts performing rapid investigative analysis to isolate the cause of the problem, minimize false positives and prioritize incidents based on business impact and risk. The MDR team notifies customers of incident severity and impact along with actionable remediation guidance. Built in work flow provides auditable incident response and remediation process. Daily and monthly executive and security scorecards provide a clear picture of security and compliance posture. Cygilant GSOC security analysts work with customers around the clock to address potential incidents, fix vulnerabilities, patch systems and provide guidance in plugging potential weak links.

IT and security teams are finally able to quickly and efficiently complete critical tasks like e-mail phishing investigations, containment of compromised credentials, fixing vulnerabilities and applying missing critical patches to protect against cyber attacks, phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and more. We empower lean IT and security teams to leverage their scarce resources and improve their effectiveness and to speed their time to response, all at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

How SOCVue Security Monitoring Compares

FeaturesSOCVueManaged Security Services *Manage Your Own SIEM **

Log Aggregation, Indexing, and Search

Event Correlation & Threat Detection

Security & Compliance Reporting

Installation Services

24/7/365 Monitoring, Analysis, Alerting

Incident Response Guidance

Proactive Security Reviews

Dedicated Security Advisor

Total Cost of OwnershipSOCVueManaged Security Services *Manage Your Own SIEM **

Lowest Upfront Cost

Lowest Ongoing Maintenance

Fastest Return on Investment

* Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading MSSP
** Comparison based on the published features and pricing of leading SIEM vendor

Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities with SOCVue VPM

We invite you to join Cygilant Solutions Engineer, Miguel De Los Santos, and Qualys Director of Strategic Alliances, Karun Malik, to learn more about this exciting solution.

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