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SOC 2 Type I Certified Service Provider

Extend Your Team with 24x7 Security Professionals, Best-of-Breed Technology and Security Best Practices


Over the last few years, we have seen organizations of every kind increasingly adopt cloud and mobile enabled, app-centric IT infrastructure. While a Global 1000 company may have financial resources to survive a cyber security breach, Ponemon research demonstrates a high likelihood of catastrophic outcome for a mid-sized organization. Combating these threats requires:

  • Best of breed security technologies to detect weak links and cyber attacks
  • Auditable process to identify and plug weak links before they are exploited
  • A dedicated team of security professionals that provide 24x7x365 monitoring and human intelligence to detect, analyze and remediate potential attacks and vulnerabilities to mitigate risk.

Mid-sized and Fortune 5000 organizations are struggling to keep up with ever changing cyber security landscape due to lean IT staff size, limited IT security budgets and an increasing number of federal, state and industry compliance mandates. Industry data shows that there is a current shortage of more than 1,000,000 security professionals. This gap is forecasted to grow to 1,800,000 by 2020.

With Cygilant you are partnering with a SOC2 certified service provider that combines MSSP and Incident Detection and Response (IDR) capabilities managed by global SOCs staffed with trained security engineers, all under one company. We leverage cutting edge big data technologies including machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, backed by security experts to detect incidents, hunt for vulnerabilities and respond with timely remediation guidance to fix security indents and vulnerabilities. We become your eyes and ears for cyber security and compliance posture. Our goal is to continually reduce your attack surface so that you don't become a news story or put your organization at risk due to loss of valuable customer and patient data, IP and trade secrets.

Benefits of Cygilant Managed Security Services

  • Protect Critical Assets

    Protect Critical Assets

    • Safeguard customer data, PII, and PHI data, and intellectual property from cyber attacks
  • Saves You Time

    Saves You Time

    • Advanced threat detection and remediation guidance
    • 24x7 incident response by global SOC analysts
  • Lower Your Costs

    Saves You Money

    • No need to invest in costly hardware and or dedicated resources
    • Affordable subscription based SOCVue delivers best ROI
  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    • Global SOC teams deliver around the clock monitoring
    • Security content engineering, and continuous management
  • SOC2 Complaint

    SOC2 Complaint

    • Cygilant is SOC2 compliant

Cygilant Managed Security Services

Security Monitoring

SOCVue Security Monitoring gives you visibility and control over your IT environment. You’ll get best-of-breed Log Management and SIEM that is managed around-the-clock for real-time threat detection, analysis and notification, proactive remediation guidance, and compliance auditing.

Vulnerability Management

SOCVue Vulnerability Management reduces your attack surface and mitigates risk with unlimited managed scans, analysis, risk prioritization, and remediation guidance. Focus on what matters most: your core business.

Patch Management

SOCVue Patch Management reduces your exposure to known vulnerabilities by proactively deploying recommended security patches. The service automatically scans Windows and Linux endpoints for missing patches for the OS, browser and 3rd-party applications like Java and Adobe.

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We save our customers 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars every week, and give them peace of mind with 24x7 detection and response to security incidents and vulnerabilities. Get in touch to learn how we can help your organization be more resilient to cyberattacks and compliance mandates.

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