SOC as a Service

What is SOC as a Service?

SOC as a Service delivers outsourced security operations center services that helps organizations who lack resources improve their security posture. SOC as a service can be a cost-effective alternative for organizations who struggle with the time, budget, or trained staff needed to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC. Instead, SOC as a Service delivers a SOC capability to organizations, while providing cost savings.

A SOC-as-a-Service solution will help provide the extra eyes for 24x7 coverage along with security expertise and guidance for remediating potential security incidents that are detected. Services typically also install and tune the necessary technology, removing this burdensome task from your organization.

By helping your organization achieve 24x7 security monitoring, these services will help you comply with a multitude of compliance regulations. At the heart of a SOC as a Service is often a SIEM and log management capability delivered as part of the technology stack, which fulfills a requirement for many compliance regulations.

In addition, SOC as a Service may include vulnerability and patch management services, delivered by the 24x7 SOC team to help your organization identify vulnerable systems and manage the patching process to reduce your attack surface before vulnerabilities are exploited by malicious parties.

In the case of Cygilant’s SOCVue services, we provide a 24x7 Global SOC (GSOC) team of trained security analysts to give customers round-the-clock coverage and assistance with any identified security incidents. Our team can manage vulnerability scans and assist with the patch management process, along with auditable workflows for change management.

Why Does SOC as a Service Matter?

SOC as a Service allows customers to benefit from a highly trained team of security professionals at affordable prices, without the burden of building and managing their own SOC. The service provider acts as an extension of your team to provide round-the-clock coverage and support. This frees your team up to focus on other tasks. For resource-constrained organizations, who lack the budget or time to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC, SOC as a service can be an affordable alternative.

How Does Cygilant Help?

Cygilant’s SOCVue services are a true SOC as a Service. Our SOCVue Security Monitoring, which leverages Cygilant’s cloud and on-premises log management and SIEM platform and SOCVue Co-Managed SIEM for Splunk ES provide 24x7 security monitoring along with access to Cygilant’s Security Operations Center team to tune and tweak the technology and provide guidance when issues are identified. With Cygilant’s Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management services, our SOC team delivers integrated vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities as a subscription service that includes our SOC team to help manage the solution and

All our SOCVue services include our 24x7 Cygilant SOCVue Global Security Operations Center (GSOCs) security analysts, who act as an extension of your team and help your organization continuously improve its security posture. Cygilant’s trained IT security staff make it easy for organizations of all sizes to benefit from SOC as a Service.

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