Reduce the cost and complexity to guard, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service

Defend against the latest threats.

Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service is a subscription service that offers a simple approach to complex security problems and a team that has your back.

Choose the right service bundle for you and gain access to our Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisors and our SOC-as-a-Service, a 24×7 team for monitoring, management and compliance. Your CSA conducts regular reviews with your team on your security posture.

Security Monitoring

We collect security events across your IT infrastructure, network, and applications. Our Cybersecurity Advisors triage and investigate potential security incidents to give you rapid, actionable recommendations. For your SIEM, you can choose either our SOCVue platform or leverage AlienVault.

Vulnerability Management

We perform discovery scans (Qualys VM, Nessus, or Rapid7) to identify IT assets on your network. Regular scans detect vulnerabilities in the OS, applications, and services running on your assets. We prioritize, assign, investigate and remediate vulnerabilities.

Patch Management

We set up scanning to discover missing software patches that leave your IT assets exposed. Our SOCVue platform helps schedule, approve and deploy patches. The service includes a subscription license to the Ivanti Security Controls Patch Management product.

Learn more: Patch Management

How it Works

Choose your Cygilant bundle and we’ll get started straight away! You’ll get a hands-on, personalized experience. We’ll introduce you to our service, walk you through installation and our Cybersecurity Advisor and SOC team will discuss scan schedule, reporting requirements, operation readiness and deliverables.

Our goal is to take the stress out of your day job.



Regular scans detect known vulnerabilities or new threats as recommended by SANS.


We’ll let you know your greatest threats to fix first.


We’ll provide the necessary information on how to remediate vulnerabilities.

24×7 Monitoring

Always-on, our SOC team has your back. Learn more.


Choose Cygilant SecureVue, LogPoint or leverage AlientVault. SIEM is installed, configured and maintained. Learn more.

Patch management

Search and apply patches to known vulnerabilities using the SOCVue platform.


Comprehensive scans against the latest security threats.


Built in reporting to achieve your industry’s regulations.

Audit log management

Formal process for the maintenance, monitoring and analysis of audit logs as recommended by SANS/CIS Critical Security Controls.

Single pane of glass

Cygilant provides the SOCVue platform so you have one dashboard with all integrated services. See your exact security posture in one place.

Endpoint security

Agent-based solution to collect real-time security data from critical assets, detects suspicious files, services, and streams alerts to the 24×7 Cygilant SOC for investigation. Learn more.

Encrypted traffic visibility

Scan encrypted traffic flows for threats to identify malware in real-time, without having to decrypt the traffic ready for inspection. Learn more.

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