Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management Service Video

Vulnerability and Patch Management Video Overview

This vulnerability and patch management service is designed to adjust one of the biggest gaps we see in security today, and that’s the disconnect between knowing about vulnerabilities in your network and patching, and we see a lot of organization struggling with this challenge even now most of the newest focus on zero-days and all these new threats. Vulnerabilities are being exploited or vulnerabilities that have been around for months or even years, and the patches have been available for months or even years and are not getting applied because of not having patch management policy in place. That’s why we put together these service that combines vulnerability management and patch management together, on the vulnerability management side the Cygilant operations team is going to take care of scanning operations by our vulnerability and patch management service as an extension of your team and make sure that consistent program in place, scanning and interpreting the results.

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