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Painfree Patching

Cygilant SOCVue Patch Management service helps teams manage patches. The solution combines leading Ivanti patch management technology with Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisors (CSA) and the 24×7 SOC-as-a-Service team to help reduce the time and effort needed to research, test, deploy, and verify patching of software. The service provides tracking and documenting the patch process for compliance audits.

Cybersecurity Advisors

Dedicated experts work one-on-one with you as an extension of your team to identify required patches and prioritize based on vulnerability.

24×7 SOC Team

We operate global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with four tiers of humans from level 1s to 4s working around the clock.

Patching made simple

Cygilant Patch Management simplifies and consolidates multiple streams of vulnerabilities and patch data to help deploy patches in an easy fashion.

Cygilant SOCVue Patch Management Benefits

Cygilant’s Patch Management service delivers world-class patching technology along with guidance to implement an effective patch management program. Your Cygilant CSA will help install the patching solution and ensure quick time-to-value.

Agent-based or agentless scanning and patching 

Ivanti Security Controls interface for dashboards and reporting

Large third party application patch repository to cover popular business applications 

Flexibility to automate patching or deploy updates on-demand

How Cygilant Patch Management Works.

Cygilant Patch Management combines Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisors, our 24×7 SOC-as-a-Service with Ivanti Security Controls Patch Management, which detects and remediates OS and third party application vulnerabilities on systems running Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and CentOS. Your Cygilant CSA will schedule regular meetings to review remediation progress as well as upcoming, planned system changes.

    • Patch Repository – gain access to an industry-leading library of vendor patches for OS, browser and application support including Adobe, MS Office, VMWare and many more
    • Patch Assessment – an agent-based or agentless scans for missing patches. Patches are assessed for applicability to the local system and criticality based on the vendor-provided details.
    • Patch Deployment – gain access to an easy-to-use interface to schedule and deploy patches remotely. Patches can be automated to deploy after scans complete and multiple patches to one machine or multiple machines can be deployed at once.
    • Reporting – Cygilant Patch Management includes standard reports – an executive summary and detailed reports by patch and by machine; advanced filtering and scheduling options and support for multiple export formats.
    • Vulnerability and Patch Management – Combines continuous vulnerability scanning with patch identification, risk prioritization and deployment.

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