Mission Capital is a technology-forward real estate capital markets firm built on a culture of deep client service. Founded in 2002, Mission Capital complementary asset sales and capital raising platforms, combined with its diligence and consulting services, allow its institutional and governmental client-base to achieve liquidity and optimize portfolio strategy throughout the credit cycle.

The need to have the best IT security services in place to protect Mission Capital’s valuable assets is extremely important. With escalating cyber threats and data breaches, the company realized it needed to find an affordable and effective solution to meet its increasingly vigilant IT security policies.

Finding Cygilant

Mission Capital’s key security goals included the ability to assess vulnerability threats and mitigate risks in near real time. Finding an affordable and easy to deploy solution that didn’t have a steep learning curve and met all of Mission Capital’s criteria was imperative.

Mission Capital found the Cygilant Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management service offered the constant vulnerability scanning and remediation capabilities it needed, and also provided a dedicated Cybersecurity Advisor available anytime to give expert security guidance. Cygilant Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management provides continuous vulnerability scans, risk prioritization and auditable patch management to reduce security vulnerabilities and enforce change control across
servers, desktops and laptops on, or off, a network.

Cygilant uniquely offered Security-as-a-Service that focuses on “people, process, and technology and “Cygilant’s pricing was very hard to beat,” according to Patryk Braganza-Gallagher, Manager of IT Operations for Mission Capital.


Implementation took less than a week after signing on the dotted line. A Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor helped Mission Capital to get set up. The first week of service consisted of defining and refining the vulnerability scanning range and sensitivity to be fully operational with actionable data.

“Cygilant’s partnership with Qualys guarantees the vulnerability scans provide the highest quality results we’re seeking,” says Braganza Gallagher.

“We’ve definitely saved a good amount of money because we no longer need to pay for annual penetration testing, and we save time in general because the need for set up is eliminated. It’s also much easier going through the Cygilant SOCVue Portal to react faster to threats,” he said.


Now that Mission Capital is reaping the benefits of Cygilant’s proactive Security-as-a-Service, the organization has dramatically improved its security posture and ability to immediately fight potential threats before it’s too late.

Cygilant is making the IT team’s job much easier. “Cygilant is very cost-effective for us because we have access to an unlimited number of scans,” Braganza-Gallagher added. “Cygilant provides detailed listings and prioritization of how to remediate vulnerabilities, which makes life so much easier since we don’t need to do separate research into each problem we find.”

The advice Braganza-Gallagher would give to other IT security professionals who aren’t currently using Cygilant’s hybrid security-as-a-service approach to protect company assets is, “The price of Cygilant Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management gives you access to an unlimited number of high-quality scans is nothing compared to the massive costs that your company will incur if you get caught unawares by a hacker. You need some level of constant scanning to survive today’s cyber threat landscape,” he concluded.