Birmingham-based cyber secure cloud computing firm METCloud, embarks on partnership with US-headquartered Cygilant to provide more robust security operations centre services in the UK.

 Birmingham, 07 June 2021 – METCloud and Cygilant have joined forces to help UK businesses gain access to some of the best cyber surveillance technologies available today. This new partnership will improve overall security capabilities to METCloud clients with the integration of LogPoint, SentinelOne and Qualys. This allows swift threat detection, response and mediation while gaining better understanding of a company’s threat risk and priorities when fixing vulnerabilities. The robust suite of services will be provided through a UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) that provides users dedicated 24×7 support. This is invaluable in the current climate where cyber crimes are more virulent than ever before.

This collaboration between METCloud and Cygilant paves the way for small-medium enterprises to afford robust and scalable cybersecurity-as-a-service that fits with sensible resource budgets. The cloud-based security monitoring proactively hunts for threats, reports incidents, patches systems and supplies audit artifacts for compliance mandates. On top of having dedicated customer service advisor (CSA) support, Cygilant’s UK-based SOC based in Belfast ensures that subscribers do not need to worry about different time zones during their most urgent incidents.

Last year, British firms paid the sixth-highest total ransom to cyber attackers which amounted to a total of more than £200 million. Furthermore, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) dealt with three times as many ransomware attacks on top of other cyber incidents that emerged during the pandemic.

“Ransomware attacks often make news when they hit big organisations like the recent Colonial Pipeline hack. In reality, small-medium businesses are often targets of perpetrators as well and they don’t make the headlines. With more than 6 million SMEs in the UK making up 99% of the economy, there is a bigger pool for cyber criminals to infiltrate and if successful, they can cripple entire businesses.

“METCloud’s experience in working with small-medium enterprises has the team attuned to the cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses today. We are also sensitive to the fact that regardless of business size, it is the lifeblood of the owner and their teams. This is why we are committed to making state-of-the-art cyber secure cloud solutions through use of AI/ML available and attainable to SMEs,” explained METCloud CEO, Ian Vickers.

The most cyber resilient businesses are the ones that take a comprehensive and proactive approach to their cybersecurity strategies. This partnership delivers a strong fighting chance to small-medium enterprises against cyberattacks through prevention and mediation strategies derived from deep data analysis and a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists.

Cygilant has deep rooted experience in heavily regulated industries. The company has over 20 years experience in helping hundreds of businesses in the financial services, healthcare and education sector secure their networks and data.

We’re excited to launch our UK partner program with MetCloud, one of the most innovative cybersecurity companies in the UK and Europe. We work closely with premier cybersecurity firms so we can offer our clients a unique blend of best-in-breed technologies that align with their people and processes to protect against all internal and external threats. MetCloud and Cygilant will offer enterprise-grade protection for businesses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or manage it,” expressed Cygilant CEO, Rob Scott.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first UK partner for Cygilant. As providers within the cybersecurity sector, we are equally committed to safeguarding the cybersecurity interest of businesses through innovation and collaboration.

“In order to properly disrupt the onslaught of cyber crimes on businesses and livelihoods, we must stand united in the fight against cyber threats. I am confident that our collaborative partnership with Cygilant will be instrumental in this endeavour,” shared Ian Vickers.

In a bid to help businesses better understand cybersecurity, METCloud and Cygilant will soon be running a webinar series to provide the latest insight on the discipline. More information to come soon.


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