Managed Endpoint Security

Cygilant manages best-of-breed SentinelOne technology for you to prevent, detect and respond to known and unknown attacks.

Cygilant + SentinelOne

Augment your cybersecurity by combining best of breed technology from SentinelOne with the human element from Cygilant. Take advantage of SentinelOne’s patented AI algorithms to detect a wide array of threats, plus self-healing response capabilities that reverse malicious activity in real time. Cygilant’s team of cybersecurity experts work with you for efficient installation and system tuning. You get time back to focus on other priorities. 

Protects endpoints

SentinelOne predicts and protects endpoints, IoT devices, servers, containers, and cloud workloads from malicious activities at any stage of the attack chain – from the successful exploit to the last payload operation – all at machine speed.

Fully managed

Don’t worry about onboarding a new technology yourself. We deploy and manage SentinelOne on your behalf.

Add 24×7 SOC Coverage

Combine SentinelOne with Cygilant Security Monitoring to gain 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service, managed SIEM from best of breed technology – LogPoint or AlienVault and achieve a true holistic view into your security posture.

 Benefits of EPP and EDR

With Cygilant Managed Endpoint, you benefit from SentinelOne’s combination of EPP (protection) and EDR (detection and response). This combination is great for companies needed to protect both the business and employees working remotely. 

How Managed Endpoint Security Works

Selecting SentinelOne managed by Cygilant helps you address the challenges of preventing, detecting and responding to known and unknown attacks. The Cygilant team will provide product support, reporting and regular reviews.

  1. Deploy and maintain – Cygilant will deploy and configure SentinelOne including assistance with endpoint agent installation and configuration of initial detection, response and alerting policies.
  2. Threat review – Cygilant will review with you threats discovered during the deployment phase.
  3. Policy tuning – Cygilant will add or remove policy exceptions, modifying automated response policies and tune alert notification rules.
  4. Reporting and reviews – Your dedicated Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor will configure reports for you and meet regularly to review the health of the solution, including configurations, reports, and planned changes. Your CSA will work with you to ensure ROI and coordinate customer satisfaction activities across Cygilant teams.


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