For federal civilian, intelligence, and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, the need to implement secure information security systems that provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability is not just good practice -- it is mandated through a broad range of federal laws, standards, and guidelines that affect every federal agency. These mandates include FISMA, USGCB, NIST 800.53, DoD 8500.2, Risk Management Framework, and others.

A key requirement across all of these standards is the need to implement continuous monitoring of IT assets to identify anomalous behavior, potential security compromise, unauthorized access, unauthorized changes to system state, and to provide both reporting and forensic analysis capabilities to address these abnormalities.

Cygilant got its start serving the federal government with its SecureVue® Continuous Security Intelligence platform. Cygilant’s solutions help meet Audit Log Management and DISA STIG auditing requirements. Read on to learn more about this powerful security solution.

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