Cygilant Endpoint Security

Next-gen malware detection

Detect Threats Residing Directly on Your Endpoints 

Cygilant Endpoint Security gives companies greater visibility into suspicious activity taking place on network endpoints. Rest easy that malware or breach attempts originating from your workstations or servers can be detected and halted.

Cygilant combines its Endpoint Security solution with network intrusion detection, event log monitoring and threat intelligence for companies to gain a single dashboard view of their entire cybersecurity posture.

Collect real-time security data

From your critical assets to detect suspicious files, services and other activity.

24×7 SOC Team

Endpoint data provided to the Cygilant SOC team for investigation and action. 

Fully managed

Provides significant time and cost savings when compared to deploying traditional endpoint protection products.

Cygilant Endpoint Security Features and Benefits

Protect your endpoints from attacks without having to take out a small loan.

Cygilant Endpoint Security detects intrusion attempts on the host by looking for hidden processes, files, ports and known rootkits. Endpoint Security uses a malicious file database and inspects files using signatures. It goes a step further by looking for signs of an intrusion, inconsistent behavior and activity so that if you have a zero day or custom developed malware, the Cygilant team can see the results of the malware on the system.





How Cygilant Endpoint Security Works

Based on the open source Wazuh technology, Cygilant has enhanced the technology to make it easier to deploy and manage, including adding logging and self-healing functionality. Cygilant Endpoint Security saves you time by combining technology and people.

  1. Install Cygilant Endpoint Security Agents and Endpoint Security Manager, both of which can be updated remotely and in some causes automatically.
  2. All data is viewable in the SOCVue management console where Cygilant CSAs and users can set up managers, enable capabilities, review list of agents, check they are online and up to date.
  3. Events generated by the Cygilant Security Agents and Security Manager are directed through the SIEM platform – AlienVault or LogPoint – allowing the Cygilant SOC team to utilize the features in the platform including suppression rules, correlation rules, advanced filtering, etc.
  4. Alerts will be flagged in the SOCVue platform where the Cygilant SOC team will triage and investigate and filter out irrelevant alerts. We will notify and provide guidance on incidents that need your attention.

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