Connecticut College is a private liberal arts college located in New London, Connecticut spread across 750 acres. It is a residential, four-year undergraduate institution.

To deliver IT services to its 1,815 students and faculty, Connecticut College has a dedicated IT team. The small team was challenged with defending its student and faculty networks and identifying and governing different hardware, software and configurations across the network especially given the geographical size of the campus. The small team needed additional resources to defend its networks from cyber threats.

Finding Cygilant

Each academic year welcomes a new class of incoming freshman and departing seniors. The constant cycle creates a complicated cybersecurity challenge. Connecticut College required a SIEM and vulnerability management to gain a clear picture of its network.

Its incumbent technology-only SIEM tool was too difficult to manage and required additional support to tune. The small IT team required a solution that not only delivered the tools they needed, but also could provide additional cybersecurity expertise. Tyler Campbell, IT Security at Connecticut College said, “We were logging activity, but we didn’t know what we could do with that data if an incident occurred and we needed to access it.”

After investigating alternative solutions, Connecticut College chose Cygilant Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to improve its security posture and deliver expert cybersecurity services. Cygilant delivered Connecticut College its 24x7x365 threat detection, compliance monitoring, and SIEM and Log Management through a cloud-based SOC-as-a-Service, at a fraction of the cost of alternate solutions.

The college also selected Cygilant Vulnerability and Patch Management for vulnerability scans, risk prioritization and auditable patch management to reduce security vulnerabilities across servers, desktops and laptops on, or off, a network, including 3rd-party applications.

“The Cygilant managed service collects and parses security data helping us to bridge our resources gap and gain much better visibility into what’s happening on our networks.”

The Cygilant Difference

The Cygilant solution delivered Connecticut College peace of mind that it was addressing cybersecurity proactively and prioritizing patches and updates to eliminate vulnerabilities based on risk and impact.

Cygilant SOCVue Portal provided a one-stop shop to improve Connecticut College’s security posture. In combination with the Cygilant SOC team, Cygilant provides a SaaS-based Security Operations and Analytics Platform called SOCVue that presents collected data which has been analyzed and prioritized in order of importance. SOCVue gives the College’s IT team better visibility into what is happening across its two networks and campus.

Campbell said, “We can easily view and navigate the Cygilant SOCVue portal to see results of security monitoring, vulnerability management and patch management. It provides us with information in an organized and intuitive manner so our internal team can focus on what’s most important.”

“We have a strong bond between our dedicated Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor and the SOC team,” continued Campbell. “We get 24/7 support and on-going education on our security, logging and scanning. It keeps security at the forefront of how we operate and allows us to work as one extended team to respond to incidents and compliance requests.”

Cygilant cut through the noise to deliver focused cybersecurity specific to Connecticut College.