C5 Solutions for Broker Dealers offers broker dealers commissions, compliance, workflow, and imaging software solutions to the financial services industry.

C5 Solutions uses Cygilant to help clients meet FINRA mandates and regulations and to mitigate the potential for cyber-attacks that may compromise customer data. Cygilant helps the company to minimize false positives and provides unparalleled analytics and security metrics.

“Cygilant allows us to help our clients meet complex compliance mandates,” said Rod Lueck, President, C5 Solutions for Broker Dealers. We don’t just get to say we’re improving our security posture – we get to prove it.”

Cygilant is serving as C5 Solutions’ IT security department. By helping the company meet compliance requirements and by providing continuous monitoring that will keep its corporate and customer data secure, C5 Solutions can focus on creating great products for its customers.

“Cygilant’s highly trained analysts provide the expertise we don’t have in-house, and its security operations and analytics platform protects our company and centralizes all of our security intelligence.” Rod Lueck, President, C5 Solutions for Broker Dealers