Located in Tucson, Arizona Canning Company was founded to meet the needs of its consumers in the United States by providing quality staple products, which are enjoyed in every home. The company produces and distributes preserved foods made with the best selection of ingredients.

Arizona Canning Company had a standard security program in place. The company was using typical firewall services and relied on Windows updates for vulnerability and patch management, but had minimal security policies and procedures. Unfortunately, this approach meant that they were missing updates to critical devices and software, random ports were left opened and unmonitored, and there were no vulnerability scans for unwanted software or common vulnerabilities.

Finding Cygilant

Arizona Canning Company’s main security goal was to keep its valuable data systems secure. Finding the most effective cybersecurity services available that wouldn’t burden them with more work was essential. Bryan Ritchie, IT Director at ACC found Cygilant. Following a demo of Cygilant Security-as-a-Service, the decision was clear.

“After reviewing everything that Cygilant had to offer, we knew it was the best route to help keep our company secure,” Ritchie said.

Cygilant Security-as-a-Service offered the deep network visibility needed to see every part of ACC’s network. Cygilant provides the vulnerability identification and remediation the team had been missing.

“Finally having the reliable cybersecurity services we needed would give us the peace of mind we were looking for,” said Ritchie.


The implementation process was straightforward and quickly up and running with actionable results. “We were contacted by our dedicated Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor at the start of the implementation process who provided the simple list of instructions for us to get underway,” said Mark Camacho, IT Manager at ACC.

“The Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor was helpful, attentive, and very understanding of our unique needs. That was a huge reason why we’ve had such a successful
experience with Cygilant.”


With Cygilant, ACC benefits from proactive security monitoring, log management, and SIEM that provides its IT team with 24/7/365 visibility of its environment.

“As a company we now have greater network visibility and it’s a game changer for how we approach our IT procedures. We’re able to quickly troubleshoot items with Active Directory and easily view potential security gaps within our firewalls, networking equipment, and servers,” said Camacho. “We’re also able to effortlessly see what vulnerabilities are being overlooked in our servers and software so we can quickly remediate them before a cybercriminal ever gets the chance to exploit them.”