Cygilant Company Overview


Mid-sized and large organizations are struggling to keep up with ever changing cyber security landscape due to lean IT staff size, limited IT security budgets and an increasing number of federal, state and industry compliance mandates. While a Global 1000 company may have financial resources to survive a cyber security breach, Ponemon research demonstrates a high likelihood of catastrophic outcome for a mid-sized organization. Combating these threats requires:

  • Best of breed security technologies to detect vulnerabilities, anomalies and suspicious activity
  • Security best practices with auditable processes to fix weak links before they are exploited
  • A dedicated team of security professionals working 24x7x365 and human intelligence to detect, investigate, prioritize and respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities in order to mitigate risk

With Cygilant you are partnering with a SOC2 certified service provider that combines MSSP and Incident Detection and Response (IDR) capabilities managed by global SOCs staffed with trained security engineers, all under one company. We leverage cutting edge big data technologies including machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, backed by security experts to detect incidents, hunt for vulnerabilities and respond with timely remediation guidance to fix security incidents and vulnerabilities. We become your eyes and ears for cyber security and compliance posture. Our goal is to continually reduce your attack surface so that you don't become a news story or put your organization at risk due to loss of valuable customer and patient data, IP and trade secrets.

Cygilant Mission

At Cygilant we believe that every organization, regardless of size, deserves an enterprise-class cybersecurity program. We are passionate about delivering affordable, best-of-breed hybrid security-as-a-service solutions to continuously protect our customers.

Our Name

Cygilant has a dual meaning:

  • Cyber + Vigilant = Cygilant
  • Sigil derives from the Latin sigillum, meaning "seal"

Our logo represents Cygilant team providing a shield to our Customers from cyber-attacks.

Cyber + Vigilant

Our Values

We Seek Excellence In:

  • Customers

    Commitment to Our CUSTOMERS' Security and Success

  • People

    Our PEOPLE, Their Growth and Achievements

  • We Culture

    A Highly Aligned and Transparent WE Culture

  • Financial

    Sustained FINANCIAL Performance


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